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Training Days - Along A Well-Trod Path [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Along A Well-Trod Path

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Training Days [Jul. 19th, 2008|10:36 pm]
So the boy and I have been training steadily and hard the past few weeks, and the results on all levels are pretty satisfying. The training schedule at this point is; on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, we walk two miles on a middle school track a block away, then back home for a 30 minute cool down, work on weights for an hour, then we take turns on exercise bike for an hour each. We're usually finished by 1, and after we have lunch, it's video gaming until it's time for me to drop him off with his mom. Next week, we start running half the distance on the track, with the goal of running the whole session slated for the end of August.

Aside from the obvious positives of getting to spend so much time with my son, we've had some other unexpected benefits arise from this time together. While we're at home on weights and the bike, we of course throw on DVD's to distract us from the monotony of exercise. I've had a chance to introduce him to some films he might not make an effort to watch otherwise. In the past few weeks we've watched some classic favorites of mine like "Where Eagles Dare," "The Magnificent Seven," "The Warriors," and "Big Trouble In Little China." These are followed by discussions of film in general, aspects of storytelling and performance, and the changes in art and cultural perspectives over the years.

We've both started to see changes in our physical condition as well. He's dropped a lot of body fat, and so have I, but it's a little slower going for me since I'm a tad older. He's feeling so good about how it's going for him that he's going to try out for his school's football team in the fall, which admittedly gave me pause. I've never been a fan of jocks (or sports in general), so I'm a little leery of the idea. But it's a choice he should be able to make himself. I guess I'll just have to steel myself to the idea of attending a sporting event.

And the one thing I've discovered from all this that has really surprised me - I've turned out to be a pretty good cook. Because I'm also training the boy in how to eat healthy, I've had to start preparing lunches for him that are more complex than my own spartan preferences. And without any real knowledge of cooking, I've managed to create some pretty tasty dishes. The last one I whipped up was gobbled down speedily by both the boy AND the chicklet (when she came by after work that evening). I still eat in my own simple manner, but for some reason, I really enjoy cooking for others. It's fortunate that I'm good at it, I guess.

This is a good summer. Certainly a crapload better than the last one.

[User Picture]From: lynchladylaura
2008-07-20 04:51 am (UTC)
Exercise and cooking...good things!

What is your favorite thing to cook?
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[User Picture]From: argent_fish
2008-07-20 05:01 am (UTC)
Lately it's been a series of chicken dishes. I've been mixing and matching various vegetables and spices to come up with different meals. I really have no idea if they ARE specific dishes - I'm just seeing what works. The last one was a stir fry of chicken, mushrooms, tomatoes, and jalapenoes.
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[User Picture]From: _kiss_my_elbow_
2008-07-21 04:12 pm (UTC)
i'm glad things are going so well for both of you! this whole post just made me smile. :)
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[User Picture]From: argent_fish
2008-07-23 12:32 am (UTC)
Thank you, ma'am. And always glad to be the source of a smile!
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