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At the risk of sounding sexist... - Along A Well-Trod Path [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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At the risk of sounding sexist... [Feb. 7th, 2008|11:20 am]
I need to get it out. About the poetry class. Why I hate it.

It's filled with women, which is normally not a bad thing. I like women. Overall, they're pretty cool on a one-to-one basis. But... get an entire class filled with females who know one another, AND it allows them to "express" their feelings...

Our professor gave us our first assignment a couple of weeks ago - there's an old bridge that crosses the headwaters of the San Antonio river, and it's smack dab in the middle of campus. He asked us to go take a look at the bridge, study it as long as we wished, then write a poem about it. To his credit, it was going to be the only poem that had a specific subject - all the subsequent assignments would be of our own choosing.

This Monday and Wednesday were reserved for the reading of our compositions. And every one of the poems (with the exception of the very last, and which I liked quite a bit) composed and read by the young ladies in my class was about relationships. Imagine, if you will, a stream of young women parading to the podium of the classroom, the age range topping out about 30, and every single one of them finding a metaphor for relationships, either platonic or romantic, current, failed or future, within this bridge.


Not a single one found any aspect of the actual bridge to be of interest, or worth, or of note. None of them wrote of the structure itself - the geometry, the lines, the colors and textures, the age and placement in the landscape. It was all about themselves, from the inside out. They took this artifact, which was in many ways beautiful, and flipped it around so that it was about themselves.

And every few minutes before the professor arrives to start the class is a special kind of hell for me. A room full of young women chattering vapidly about what they had for lunch (or will have), the cute shoes another is wearing, whatever happened on the recent estrogen-heavy program on Bravo last night (remember when Bravo actually had good programming?), their boyfriends, their ex-boyfriends, blahblahblah....

Someone kill me. Now.


[User Picture]From: la_luna
2008-02-07 07:35 pm (UTC)
That's a gorgeous fucking bridge. Did you visit the actual spring just a few feet away?

And that's typical in my experience. Is the prof female, too? Don't let it become dude-bashing time just because you're the only one in the classroom with a Y chromosome.

I so try to not let my woman-heavy classes devolve this way. It's a hard tide to hold back, though. It can go all Oprah on you fast.
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[User Picture]From: argent_fish
2008-02-07 07:55 pm (UTC)
The teach is male, but a little too supportive of all writing efforts, I think. But he's not the type to let any male-bashing start, I'm pretty sure. I hope.

I did make a trot up to the Blue Hole (which is what i think it's called). The whole thing is lovely, and was really kind of unexpected for me.
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