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Xmas up in this mutha! [Dec. 26th, 2007|12:13 pm]
So a big thanks to MJ and Lex for the, uh, potholder, I think? Plus the seasoning, which goes great on my popcorn.

Spending a lot of time with the boy, since we're both off from school. He scored some good stuff this year (a bass guitar amongst the coolest), as did I.

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I am smrt! S-M-R-T! [Dec. 17th, 2007|12:39 pm]
So I got the grades from UIW for the last semester. Five A's and one B. The B was in geology. I'll fucking take THAT, with a smile and a thank you.

So the GPA sits at a happy 3.8 right now.

The struggle begins again in a few weeks though. All upper level literature classes, with a lot of writing involved.

Bring it, bitches.
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A year ago... [Dec. 12th, 2007|01:51 am]
I was looking forward to seeing my one-act being produced in New York City. And here I am again, looking forward to it again. But a lot has changed since the the last time. A lot.

Talked to the current director tonight, and a pleasant experience it was, too. Discussed the meaning, characters, context. And she paid me a very nice compliment as well.

She asked, "So, you aren't in New York, is that right?"

"Yeah. I'm in San Antonio, Texas."

"You should move up here. We need good writers here. You're really good. Are you working on anything new?"

I laughed. "Yeah, I have a couple of things in progress. And I wish I could move to New York. I have a son, though. I can't go anywhere for a few years."

"I understand that. Priorities. But when you finish your next piece, let me know. Give me a heads up, because I'd love to do more of your work. I could probably find a theatre that'd produce it."

So that was cool
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My "Evolution" motivational poster [Dec. 11th, 2007|06:25 pm]
...was requested for use by the Now Public website for an article on evolution. It appears to be a sort of news wiki, but I don't know enough about the site to make an accurate judgment. I said sure, publish away, because I'm badass like that.
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A righteous playwriting motherfucker [Dec. 10th, 2007|10:58 am]
The off-Broadway theatre that produced my one-act play "Bones" last year just called (10 a.m. Monday morning) - they're producing it again on January 15 and 16. Seems it was the first choice for their one-act festival that's scheduled to go up a little over a month from now.

I'm quite pleased, if I may say so myself.
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Motivational Posters [Dec. 9th, 2007|11:20 pm]
So I found this cool little program, free of course, called Poster Forge. And it lets the user make their own "motivational" posters. And me being me, I've twisted the concept somewhat.

Take a looksee...

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One final left... [Dec. 5th, 2007|09:35 pm]
And I almost didn't make it to today. Today was close. Finished an essay due early this morning, dashed off to campus for a quick study session for two tests in the afternoon, all on a total of 6 hours sleep in the past two days.

No hallucinations, but I did nap hard this afternoon.

A philosophy final tomorrow, and that's it, until next semester in January. I will admit, I enjoyed the majority of my classes and will miss attending them.

Looking forward to a break, and the change in the air.
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Coffee and cigarettes [Dec. 1st, 2007|06:12 pm]
...are the order of the day (and evening).

finals week, and bearing down with it. Two essays to be turned in on two of the finals, with tests all week.

Here we go.
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Starting off the day right [Nov. 29th, 2007|11:18 am]
One if the things I do to ensure a steady paycheck coming in is to work as an English and writing tutor at Palo Alto College. We get a wide assortment of student types and assignments coming in, some of which are scholarship essays.

So a few weeks ago, I had this one student come in, cute little thing, single mother trying to get an education. She had to take the bus everywhere, and the scholarship she was applying for was for a new car donated by a local dealership, plus six months of paid insurance. So I did my job, helped her structure it, blah blah blah. Standard procedure, she left happy and to type up the new draft. I figured there would be plenty of applicants for this scholarship, so her chances were slim, but we gave it a shot.

She won the fucking car.

Talk about a validation.
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Some photos [Nov. 24th, 2007|05:48 pm]
Took some photos Thanksgiving evening that turned out quite nice.

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A Good Thanksgiving [Nov. 22nd, 2007|04:22 pm]
Hope everyone is having the same - and if not...

...it will get better. It always does.
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Everything Is Broken [Nov. 19th, 2007|01:31 am]
Planet Telex


You can force it but it will not come
You can taste it but it will not form
You can crush it but it's always here
You can crush it but it's always near
Chasing you home saying
Everything is broken
Everyone is broken

You can force it but it will stay stung
You can crush it as dry as a bone
You can walk it home straight from school
You can kiss it, you can break all the rules
But still...
Everything is broken
Everyone is broken

Everyone is, everyone is broken
Everyone is, everything is broken

Why can't you forget?
Why can't you forget?
Why can't you forget?
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Random bits [Nov. 19th, 2007|12:07 am]
Last Wednesday was Advising Day at UIW, wherein the student body has to figger out what classes to take next semester. While I was in the process of determining that very thing, I (and my adviser) realized that I had a crapload of theatre credits that could easily be applied to snagging a double major with adding only one extra semester, if that. So I'm gonna do it. Again. This time, I'm determined not to have sex with any of the faculty, which should allow me to graduate on time.

Ian got his first pimple. My baby is growing up.

Looks like I'll be teaching another eBay class in the spring. Good. I could use the money.

I've become enamored with this group named Efterklang. Quite beautiful, delicate, and moving music.

I'm always tired, from school, work, and working out at the school gym. The gym is part of the whole UIW experience, and it's very comprehensive as far as weight machines. So I'm getting in shape, but I'm too sleepy to appreciate it.

My days feel like they're all moving towards something. Not sure what it is, but the sense of impending change is palpable.

Two of my favorite people, Scott and Ashley, are breaking up. They were engaged, close to finalizing the wedding plans, and then it all went to shit. I'm being impartial and not taking sides in the matter, but it saddens me, watching youthful hopes die. I'm juggling my loyalties, so that neither is neglected, but it's tough. Sundays I play Halo 3 with Scott, and Ashley has access to my counsel when she can meet. I want to shake both of them and scream. "Snap out of it!"

Had the most incredible conversation tonight.

Sleep, soon. And it will be most welcome.
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Surreal moment #2 [Nov. 9th, 2007|07:45 pm]
I really like my Greek and Roman Classics class. It's a pretty freewheeling discussion format, with a lot of give and take among the students, encouraged by the professor. It's always interesting, especially with all the differing interpretations that are expressed.

And during Wednesday's class, I realized that the rest of them had this regard for my opinion that I wasn't aware of. Some of them thought I was a graduate student, and when it was revealed that I wasn't, the professor started pitching a graduate English program at UIW they're going to be starting up in a couple of years.

It was admittedly flattering. But really embarrassing. I mean, I like the stuff we talk about in that class, so it's not a stretch for me to extrapolate on it. I'm just a geek with a hard-on for the Greeks (and Romans).
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Surreal moment #1 [Nov. 9th, 2007|07:38 pm]
Earlier this week I was getting ready for class, getting my books together. I realized that I didn't have The Book I needed for my Hebrew Scriptures class, and started getting annoyed.

And I said something that I've never said before, and after this semester, will probably never say again.

Standing in the middle of my living room, scratching my head, I muttered, "Where the fuck is my Bible?"

Yeah. Surreal.
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In one so not-so-young, it's a tragedy [Nov. 5th, 2007|09:32 pm]
Having a mildly schizophrenic evening...

Going through my "valuable documents" bin (where I throw everything I feel is worth keeping), looking for a couple of specific things I need for school.

Pulling out birthday cards from people who mean something to me. Programs and scripts from plays I've been in. Every, and I mean EVERY single drawing and card from my son.

Plane tickets.

Cards from my wedding. Divorce documents. Various publications and printed documents that indicate that I did something of worth somewhere.

Alternating grins and pained grimaces. An occasional sigh or groan.

Sifting through the wreckage.
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The right book at the right time [Oct. 28th, 2007|09:03 pm]
I'd always put off reading any James Joyce. He's one of those writers whose work is considered canonical, so, me being me, I've avoided him at every turn.

So now I HAVE to read him (which I'm doing now), for my Lit. Theory class. Specifically, "Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man."

And it's fucking brilliant.

I guess it was time.
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I’m a well lubricated bonehead [Oct. 25th, 2007|10:45 am]
Well, that's according to the reviewer from the Current, the local independent newspaper here in San Antonio, who gives an amazingly positive review of "Metamorphoses."
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The obligatory kick ass review of Metamorphoses [Oct. 23rd, 2007|10:13 am]
The San Antonio Express News review of Metamorphoses.
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My fifteen minutes of fame (again) [Oct. 21st, 2007|05:55 pm]

The link below will take you to an article in the San Antonio daily paper pimping the stage production of "Metamorphoses" playing here in town. I've added the photo here that was included with the article online, and in the Sunday paper, featuring yers truly and Amy Sloan from a scene in the play.


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The irony [Oct. 12th, 2007|09:49 am]
So I'm in rehearsal for a show at the Sheldon Vexler Theatre, Mary Zimmerman's "Metamorphoses," based on the Ovid classic.

The interesting thing about this show is that the main set piece is a central pool. A lot of the action takes place in the water.

Another interesting fact. I hate getting wet. It's a very uncomfortable feeling for me. I prefer showers over baths. I can't stand to be submerged.

So guess who has the most scenes in this play submerged in water?

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Along a well-trod path [Sep. 30th, 2007|12:23 am]
A long weekend, but a good one.

Ian spent Friday night and most of Saturday here. Played Halo 3 almost non-stop, and at the end of it, we were kind of dissatisfied. It was too short, and the story didn't play out to a solid conclusion. I think this was primarily because the producers of the game focused on making it a multi-player experience, and this approach weakened the overall effect. No big deal. We had a great time blowing stuff up, and dueling one-on-one in different levels.

While he was here, I couldn't help but think about how I had wanted to make the extra bedroom back in the old place (the place I rented with Kate) his bedroom. I had all these plans to fix it up for him, and he was pretty enthusiastic about having a room with us.

Guess I could still do that here, in the old/new place, but it doesn't feel the same. I think that's because the old place was going to be home. That was supposed to be it for a while. No more moving. No more readjusting. Just settled and happy.

And here I am, back on the same path. The same damn road I've been heading down for the past 10 years. Not that's it's boring or dull  - on the contrary, it's a little too interesting, especially lately. But I wanted it it to be boring. That's when you get to live, when you have the time to take a breath, look around, and think, "This is okay. I like this, this safe and easy life."

I just wanted to set, and sit, and be.

But it'll probably all end up being too short and not play out to a solid conclusion.
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Taking a break [Sep. 28th, 2007|10:02 pm]
from Halo 3 with my boy.

It is TOTALLY badass.
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Geekasaurus [Sep. 26th, 2007|09:56 pm]
So here's the booty, the w00t, the precious...

I've already posted the figures on eBay - they're selling for approximately 32 bucks right now, so I figure I'll recoup half my costs for the game. And I'm keeping the disc sealed so my boy will have the honor of opening it on Friday.

It's taking me everything I got to not tear into it right now and start the game up.
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Testing [Sep. 24th, 2007|05:01 pm]
Well, looks like I over-studied for the literary theory test. Essentially an essay test, I wrote well over the word count required.

Fuck it, at least I don't have to worry about my GPA this way.

Of course, we're not even halfway through the semester yet, so I could crash and burn quite easily between now and then.
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Tonight [Sep. 23rd, 2007|08:10 pm]
I'm studying for a test in my Literary Theory class. I keep going out into the backyard.

It's sunset, and the sky is that deep indigo blue, filled with a nearly full moon. It's cool, what passes for fall in Texas.

The trees are green and thick, and in between the leaves and branches, fireflies.

Right now, for what it's worth, life is good.
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On Forgiving [Sep. 23rd, 2007|07:37 pm]
I had a friend pose a rather convoluted question on forgiving and forgetting, in the context of personal relationships, but my answer can be applied to most situations, I think.

My answer...

"I have an issue with the whole "forgiveness" concept, as if giving absolution to the guilty party has some sort of healing effect on the one doling it out. That may be the case if the one sinned against lets the wound fester and burn.

But I'm a big believer in scar tissue. Scars are marks of experience, of being tested and surviving. Emotional scars are just as important as physical ones, because if we didn't have them, we'd be as blithe, stupid and shallow as we were in our youth. Forgiving only works when it really doesn't matter, when the pain is as minor as the relationship.

There are some things that I will never forget, and some pain that will never be forgiven. They don't poison me at all, quite the contrary, actually - they keep my vision clear and unblinking. It's why my bullshit detector kicks ass. It's why, with every failed relationship, the next woman I choose to be with is a little less crazy and fucked up.

Fuck forgiving. Forgiving is for non-existent gods and self-deluded saints. I'm a flawed and struggling human who's willing to give anyone a chance, but won't be taken for a fool.

And that means remembering the pain, even if, at times, it can barely be endured."
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Since forever [Sep. 21st, 2007|09:49 pm]
At least it seems that long since I've posted here.

Busy, really busy. Seventeen hours of school, work, three hours of rehearsal a night the past week for a play I'm in. My time is full, and that's a good thing. No time to think, also good.

Didn't get the About.com gig, which is fine with me. I really started to chafe under the restrictions the editors had for the style mandated. It was more relief than disappointment when they sent the e-mail saying they gave the job to someone else.

Passed three tests last week, all high 90's. Would've been higher if I actually studied for them. Might give that a go next time.

The TheatreASAP event actually went better than I had expected. Most of the cast was pretty solid, with one standout. There were two that fell pretty flat, but what can I expect for theatre created, rehearsed and performed in 24 hours?

I've found that despite how ghetto it can be, that Myspace is an unusually fertile place for political and social commentary. I have met more left-wing, liberal atheists on there than in real life, and it's kinda cool.

Halo 3 comes out next week, and I have Ian for the following Saturday so we can whale away at it, to "Finish The Fight." Fucking epic. Can't wait.

Trying to shake off the ghosts.
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Writin' and sweatin' oldie [Sep. 8th, 2007|12:53 pm]
Finished the ten minute play in about five hours last night, which was good time, but I can't judge if it's worth a damn or not. Guess I'll have to wait and see tonight.

Saturday mornings are set aside for my Physical Conditioning class at UIW. It's fucking PE, basically. I'm too old for fucking PE. But it's a requirement. Mebbe I should have signed up for golf.

Gonna take a shower and play some video games until the performance tonight. I sure as hell hope I don't have to kick anyone's ass afterwards.
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Too much karmaic bullshit [Sep. 7th, 2007|01:46 pm]
I guess it's worth mentioning (although I suppose it's just more emotional self-flagellation than anything else), that yesterday would have been an anniversary. The last in a long line of now defunct and meaningless ones.

I put it out of my head while moving. And now I'm too tired to do anything more than shrug.
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And of course... [Sep. 6th, 2007|07:45 pm]
I can't quite make myself lie down.

Strange, being back in this apartment again. But this time, alone.

I think that might be best, for a while to come. This way, the only person who can disappoint me is me.

I've long given up having faith in a god - why should abandoning faith in the possibility of being with someone who I can depend on be any different?

The upshot of all this - a sneering, snarling "fuck you" to the universe. Or the dwindling backside of my optimism, I really can't tell the difference.
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Finished moving... [Sep. 6th, 2007|06:28 pm]
and I'm fucking exhausted.

Need sleep.
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If I may... [Aug. 30th, 2007|03:02 pm]
FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!
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So far, so good [Aug. 27th, 2007|09:05 pm]
Well, so far I seem to be surviving the prep process to become an About.com writer. I passed my first review, with my second one coming up in three days. It'll be a matter of cranking out additional content and getting it posted onto the test website that's been set up specifically for that purpose. The tools used to add content are pretty simple, and anyone with a grasp of basic HTML could do it.

The issue right now is balancing schoolwork with the workload, and I'm managing it as best as can be expected. I guess the true estimation of how I'm doing will come with a final review by About.com, as well as the first few tests in class that I take.

If anything, even if I don't make the cut with About.com, it'll be an interesting piece for theliterategeek.com
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The self-imposed exile is over [Aug. 26th, 2007|12:19 pm]
My exile from the stage, that is.

After nearly two-and-a-half years, I'm going to act again. A lot of reasons for my absence - the quality of theatre in this town has always been suspect, but recently it's been at it's worst level ever; my writing took precedence over most everything else; and I really didn't think I had much more to learn from performing. I initially became an actor because I wanted to know what performers needed in a script, what worked in making a solid production. It turned out I wasn't a bad actor at all, but it was never my primary focus. And I found the actual performing in front of an audience somewhat anti-climactic after the creativity unleashed during rehearsals. That was the real pleasure for me; creating authentic characters that were believable.

But when an actress who I'd worked with before (Eva Laporte) told me she would be directing a production of Mary Zimmerman's adaptation of Ovid's Metamorphoses at the Sheldon Vexler Theatre, I felt it again - that desire to perform. I admittedly have a weakness for the classics, Shakespeare especially, but shit, a modern retelling of an ancient Roman work? Good enough, muthafuckahs!

Rehearsals start early next month, with performances running October 18th through November 10th 2007. Hopefully, I won't suck.
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My son will be a firm, but benevolent ruler [Aug. 25th, 2007|05:06 pm]
So Ian has been voted by his Boy Scout troop at to be patrol leader, which is a pretty big deal in the world of a 12-year-old. We hung out for half a day yesterday, his last real day of summer vacation before heading back to school on Monday, and he sprang the news on me.

What was interesting is his relating of the process, and how it contrasts with how adults choose their leaders.

We were walking through the parking lot of the local Wal-Mart to snag some snacks and sodas when I asked him what were the deciding factors in his election. He said, "Well, I think it was more about what the scouts didn't like about my competition instead of so much about me."

"Really. How so?"

He grimaced, and said, "Umm, I dunno if I should talk about it..."

I had to grin at his sense of propriety. "You don't have to use any names. I just want to hear why you think you won."

He struggled with himself for a moment, then blurted out, "The other guy is stupid, and really annoying. Nobody likes him and the only reason he was patrol leader before me is because his dad is the Scout leader."

I managed to stifle a laugh. "Uh, what do you mean by stupid and annoying?"

"He doesn't know how to do anything. The patrol leader should be one of the top scouts, and he's always messing up his projects because he can't figure them out. And he's always bugging us by always talking about things nobody cares about. I think he just likes to hear himself talk."

"Oh. So the other scouts were voting as much against him as they were for you?"

"Yeah, and that's okay. As long as he wasn't patrol leader anymore. That was the important part."

Strange, that 12-year-olds can figure out what the adult electorate in this country can't.
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One door closes, and a whole freakin' garage door opens... [Aug. 21st, 2007|04:45 pm]
This is officially becoming the best month ever.

I saw my landlord while I was picking up my mail about an hour ago. He was pulling into his driveway, and he stopped to chat. He told me that the complex I had applied to had called, and that he had given me a good reference.

I asked him if he had any people interested in the place I was vacating, and he said, "Yeah, actually Lana (my neighbor) and her roommate are moving into it. They saw the sign and jumped on it right away. So I have to find a renter for the smaller place."

OH REALLY!?!?!!?

So I'm moving back into my old place next door. Where I had lived with L. previously, and then shared with a college student roommate for about a year, until I fucked him over by moving into this big-ass place with K.

Smaller, better rent, I know the landlords, no deposit, no hassle to move (next-friggin-door!), I can keep my washer and dryer, I know the area...

Thank you, universe.
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One strange summer [Aug. 15th, 2007|07:24 pm]
While this could arguably be considered one of my worst summers ever, it has also had its fair number of positives, some completely unexpected.

Having to leave my job at the eBay store a little earlier than I had planned (I had expected that I would have to bail when I started school again) put me under a bit of a budget crunch, but the upside was that I was able to spend more time with my boy. A hell of a lot more time, and it's been great. Playing video games and watching movies with him, and making him lunch has been a blast. I wouldn't have traded any of that time for the world.

I had started my commercial blog The Literate Geek almost as an afterthought, having two other blogs already, and relegating TLG to a rather narrow area of writing. It has turned out that TLG is getting more attention than I had expected it to, which is good, but now I can't let it go fallow. Getting linked to by CNN is a pretty good impetus for keeping it up, though.

Getting back into school turned out to be a lot easier than expected as well, with the funding provided by the university, as well as by the gubment, covering all of my tuition. And the classes (and schedules) fell into what I needed almost too tidily. Better yet, the classes seem like they'll be interesting.

The About.com gig will hopefully be one new source of money coming in, provided I clear the initial trial period before they set my page to go live. I don't foresee any problems, but you never know. It looks quite easily pulled off, however.

Complaining about my life at this point would seem ungrateful. So I won't do it.
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Was it only a year ago... [Aug. 13th, 2007|07:49 pm]
around this time that I moved to where I am now?

Found a new place, about five minutes from school, an apartment complex that looks quiet and fits my needs pretty well.

Thought I'd be here for a couple of years, at least.

Oh well. I've had my head up my ass before. I'll undoubtedly have to extricate it sometime in the future as well.
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Whores do it for money - sluts do it for free [Aug. 12th, 2007|08:32 pm]
So I guess for one 24 hour span, I shall be a playwrighting slut.

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Getting paid to do what I do everyday anyway [Aug. 8th, 2007|02:57 pm]
So I got an e-mail from About.com today. I've been accepted to become one of their writers, and my topic is... wait for it...

Action figures.

I get paid to write about toys, the same toys which I buy and sell on eBay. The first month they estimate writers make about $725. After that it goes up as traffic increases.

Man! I am having a good month.
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School daze [Aug. 6th, 2007|07:25 pm]
Well, went through the two day orientation for Incarnate Word, and looks like everything is a go. Got some interesting classes lined up, all on the days and in the time spans I want. And it also looks like the tuition is covered quite nicely, but I will need to pay for the books -  the old man has offered to cover that as well. Best news, the policy they had requiring new students to obtain a laptop has been dropped, so I don't have to worry about that particular expense either.

The acting dean of the English Department at UIW (and my advisor, it turns out) seemed really excited to have me there after she got an idea of my experience and publication history. She was introducing me around to the rest of the faculty after we finished the advising and registration process. Kinda funny, really. Nice though.

Tired. Tempted to crawl into bed, but I still need to do so much.
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Wanna Pownce invite? I got six [Aug. 3rd, 2007|10:06 pm]
Signed up for Pownce, and they've alloted me six (6) invites for friends. Let me know if you want one and I can e-mail you an invite. If I don't have your e-mail address, post it as a comment here, and after I retrieve it I'll remove the entry so web spiders don't snag it.
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It always comes in threes... [Aug. 3rd, 2007|09:44 pm]
This week I've had three of my friends, all male and younger than me, tell me that in speaking to other people recently they've referred to me as a "mentor."

I guess if a mentor is someone who tells you when you're fucking up, and how to stop fucking up in that particular way, that would be true.

I have to admit, I was touched. But I'll never tell them that - not part of the whole mentor image, dontcha know.
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CNN and The Literate Geek [Aug. 3rd, 2007|10:18 am]
Nothing quite like an oh shit! moment early in the morning...

The following link is to an article about the last Harry Potter book on the CNN website, and at the end of the article are two expandable sections, Sound Off and From The Blogs. In the From The Blogs section CNN has linked to The Literate Geek because I've posted an entry about the movie adaptations. I dunno how long it'll be up, but as of 10:15 a.m. my time on August 3rd, it's there.

That is so friggin' cool.

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Update [Jul. 31st, 2007|01:18 pm]
Really tired the past couple of days. I know why, though. The hard training to lose the extra pounds I've put on the past year is starting to take its toll, both good and bad.

Clothes finally feel comfortable again. And I should be able to start wearing stuff again that I'd put away since they were too snug very soon.

I hate the extra body fat. It just gets in the way of everything.

Haven't felt like doing much of anything except read, write, workout, and hangout with the Boy. Which is just fine. In about 20 days, I'll be starting classes at the University Of Incarnate Word. There's an orientation and advising session this Sunday and Monday, so I'll have an idea of what my schedule will be shortly.

I need to start looking at other living arrangements as well. This place is too big and too expensive.

And thinking about it just brings the anger back. It's always there, just under conscious thought.
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Strange day [Jul. 21st, 2007|09:45 pm]
Got my paperwork from Incarnate Word University today - accepted for enrollment, AND they threw a $20,000 scholarship in to boot. Guess having a high GPA actually does count for something. It'll cover some of the tuition, but not much else. Damn Catholic universities.

Then, while shopping at a Wal-Mart I usually don't go to, someone broke into my truck. Fucked up the passenger door lock, but no other damage. Didn't have anything valuable in the vehicle either, so they didn't get anything. Still, pissed that I have to get the lock fixed now. Don't really need the expense.

The universe gives with one hand, and squeezes the testicles with the other...
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Vikings: Almost as cool as Pirates [Jul. 20th, 2007|11:26 am]
And Viking treasure is definitely as cool as Pirate treasure.

Yaaarrrrr, by Odin!
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Whoop-de-doo [Jul. 18th, 2007|02:43 am]
So looks like I'll be one of the playwrights for the 2007 SATCO TheatreASAP show this September.

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An ugly truth [Jul. 16th, 2007|11:43 pm]

The truth of THIS makes my eyes bleed...

I probably should have screamed, "Just shut the fuck up!" years ago. To all of them.
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